During my graduate assistantship with Chatham University’s Marketing and Communications department I was often tasked with developing layouts and finished artwork for a variety of printed and digital marketing materials. Working primarily with the Digital Marketing Manager, my assignments included formatting and preparing emails, working out frontend web page layouts and completing other print and illustration projects as needed. Throughout my assistantship duties and much of my coursework, I have participated in several group design projects which introduced me to usability, user experience testing and information architecture. During the final project of my Print Design course I came to really enjoy the process of collaboration. Together as a class we were tasked with solving a problem for Chatham’s K-12 Education Program. In order to create our solutions we used interview techniques, brainstorming and UX exercises such as “Rose, Bud, Thorn” and empathy mapping, etc. to define the program coordinator’s needs.
My favorite project at Chatham involved the 20th anniversary of the Shadyside campus tree arboretum. Working with the campus arborist and the graduate assistant copy writer, I created a walking map/tree guide and a set of cards featuring 14 of the most significant trees in the collection. The arborist requested a more natural and traditional style rather than the modern straight lines and sans serifs of Chatham’s main identity. I sampled historical landscaping diagrams for color scheme and chose traditional Adobe Garamond Pro. In order to tie the pieces to the university identity, the main color purple emphasizes important information.
With three-and-a-half years of experience in the sales and copy production department of an office supply store I feel that one of my strengths is customer service. Daily, I had to interact with customers from all demographics. This experience certainly familiarized me with the power and function a good brand can have for customers and employees. I am also comfortable with most of the popular platforms and operating systems such as Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. During my employment at Chatham I used project management software Basecamp and Slack daily and feel that both really help in effectively completing a project. Already familiar with the standard Adobe Creative Cloud programs, I am most excited when finding and learning a new tool or program. Furthermore, I am passionate about design for everyone and web accessibility. The creative portion of my master’s thesis was a children’s book explaining the four principles of accessible web design, about which I would be happy to elaborate.
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