Square hardcover book with Ellie Elephant sitting using a laptop
Front and Back cover with spread of Ellie exclaiming that Someone should do something

Text on back cover of book: Ellie loves the World Wide Web. She also loves her friend Benny.
In 'Ellie Makes a POUR-fect Website', Ellie learns how to make a website that all of her friends can use.

Two Hardback Ellie Books showing front cover, back cover and spine
Ellie book open to Benny bat trying to use his screen reader

Text from book: (Benny tries to use a screen reader) Sometimes, his computer doesn't make any sense
and Benny gets confused.

Ellie asking her teacher Mr Pixel, a cube wearing a bowler hat, about web accessibility

Text from book: Ellie asks her computer teacher, Mr. Tim Pixel, "Mr. Tim is there a way to make websites that everyone like Benny can use?" "There sure is Ellie!" says Mr. Tim. "What you need for the perfect website, is a POUR-fect recipe!"

Ellie introducing the POUR mnemonic

Text from book: Ellie reads Mr. Tim's recipe: "Perceivable Operable Understandable,
How to make POUR-fect websites in 4 easy steps.

Book open to page showing Ellie Elephant seeing and reading and Benny Bat Hearing and feeling Brail

Text from book: Step 1. Perceivable (That is a big word that means to See, Read, Hear and Touch.) The POUR-fect website has many different was to perceive something. Ellie can See the pictures and Read the words. Benny can Hear the words and even Touch the words. This is what the P in POUR-fect means.

Page showing Ellie showing her bicep with Benny Bat and their other friends : a cat, a rabbit, a pixel and her brother elephant

Text from book: Step 4. Robust (That's a fancy word meaning something can be used a lot.)
Now everyone can play on a Phone, Laptop or Tablet. They can play if they can't See or Hear. POUR-fect websites
can be used Anywhere. Robust is what the R in POUR-fect means. 

Ellie, working on designing accessible website, throws elements represented by paper airplanes into a bin

When Ellie finishes reading the recipe, she gets to work making a website for Benny.

Ellie shows that a header goes on top, a body is in the middle and a footer goes at the bottom

Text from book: [after learning the 4 steps Ellie applies what she has learned] She makes sure that everything is in the right order. Her site is now Operable!

Crocheted Elephant

Ellie Elephant crocheted toy based on pattern by Hooked by Kati (hookedbykati.etsy.com)

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